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Atmospheric Water Generator

Product Features:
Ø Water Wherever, Whenever

Ø Air to Water technology

Ø 100% Solar Energy

Ø Zero Environmental Impact

Ø Renewable and clean Energy

Ø Easy to Operate

Ø Eliminating water trucks and Canals

Ø Eliminate impact of fossil fuels

Ø Minimise Energy Cost

· Our machines have been independently tested and verified that they will deliver the stated performance at typical temperatures and humidity (15°C -55°C and 20% – 90% RH)

· The output increases with an increase in humidity and vice versa.

· Provide customized solution ranging from small sizes to mega size of water generation

· DT AWG comes in various different capacities from 10 L/Hr to 40 L/Hr, and can be multiplied modularly.


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